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Can I Sue my Insurance Company?

Everyone has probably had difficulties with their insurance company when the time come for the company to do what you have paid them for. The purpose of insurance is for peace of mind as they act as a shield to protect you liability and reducing your burdens. The company should pay for your losses, but when they fail to live up to the bargain they become a major part of your distress. After an accident your claims adjuster becomes you best friend or worst enemy. Where there is a claim an investigation should follow about the circumstances of the accident whether it is your car, home or health insurance followed by the disbarment of money. But sometimes it may seem like insurance company only deny your claim or if they cover your liabilities your policy skyrockets. Policy holders after a loss regarding their car or home are vulnerable and very dependable on insurance as they have the expectation that the company will pay. But there are options available when the insurance company fails to protect them in the manner that the agreed upon prior to the loss.

Can I Sue my Insurance Company?

It is possible to sue an insurance company if they fail to cover or compensate you when there is an accident. But you should always remember that insurance companies are worth billions can they can get any brilliant attorney to defend them so suing the company is probably they a venture that will be too expensive. The art of negotiation is a better to recover any money from the insurance company. Therefore, if you feel that your claims adjuster cannot assist you, the first thought should not be to sue the insurance company but talk the supervisor in the department. Once you mention a lawsuit you are no longer dealing with the insurance but the lawyer who will not want to settle the case. A lawsuit is not the best idea when you are vulnerable and desperately need the insurance company to pay out the money owed to you. However, if you feel that working with the insurance company is futile, you can lodge a complaint about the company with your state Department of Insurance. When you file a complaint there will be an investigation to ascertain if your insurance company is acting in an abusive manner and unfairly denying your claim.

Can I sue my Car Insurance Company?

There is a contract with an insurance company therefore when they fail to carry out a term of the contract then you can sue the company. America has a culture of suing everyone but legal action against an insurance company should be done upon careful consideration before you bring a lawsuit against them. If negotiations have failed and you think no one at the company can assist you with your then you need to analyse the terms of your policy. There is always some term in the policy that creates loopholes for insurance companies. Therefore, the insurance company may be within its right to deny your claim albeit that it is unfair and unjust. Addtionally, the money you will expend on an attorney to start and defend your claim will far exceed what you can recover from the company. For example if you were involved in a collision through your negligence and you have the minimum coverage then the insurance company does not have to honor your claim. In this situation it makes no sense to sue.

Instead of a lawsuit, file a complaint at your local Department of Insurance and let them investigate the matter. You should inform your insurance company of your intentions to file a complaint at the Department of Insurance.

Can I Sue my own insurance company?

Suing your own insurance company is an option where they fail to either compensate you for your loss or cover your liabilities. But it is important to remember that it is a last resort and you should consider vigorously negotiating with them by not only speaking to the claims adjuster but the manager or the supervisor in the department.

There might always be temptation to sue an insurance company but please remember that is a last resort that should not be done unless it is worth the cost and time. Negotiation will always work faster and it is less costly.