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Can I Sue for Bullying?

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We have all witnessed someone being bullies whether it is in the workplace or at school. What is bully you may ask? Bullying is using unwanted force to intimidate or abuse another person which can include harassment, assault or threats that is repeated because of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, appearance or class. Bullying can begin over the most trivial issues but they can have lasting effects on a person’s self-esteem or outlook on life. Bullying is very prevalent in schools in America where many children are targeted continuously by others while many watch idly by. But many people fail to think about the consequences of bullying such as death by suicide or there are even reports of the victim dying by the hands of the accused person. There is so much that can be done about this phenomenon but people need to act.

Can I sue for bullying?

A person can sue for bullying because it is a form of harassment by another person. You can also sue for any sue injury caused bully whether it may be mental distress or in the severe cases where there is broken limbs. It is important to take legal actions against a person that uses force against you before there is any escalation of the force used because it can have serious consequences. There is always a fear to take legal actions for bullying because the victim has to stand up to a person that many have been harassing them for months or even years. Too many people suffer in silence with bullying and not enough people acting. A person suing for bullying will sue under the law of tort for harassment, mental distress, or assault and battery. If you are successful compensation will be awarded in your favor including special damages if you went to the doctor, hospital or spent any money on medication.

Can I sue a school for bullying?

Suing a school for bullying is very common. A school can be sued for bullying because the school is responsible for the students while they are in school. Schools are sued because of failure to supervise the children and to stop harassment by students. The school may take a proactive step to stop bullying by the posting of the posters around the school but more proactive steps are needed. The school’s failure to curb bullying or even adequately keep the situation under control makes it liable. In March of 2013 a student sued a school in New Jersey for their ineptitude in protecting him after years of being bullied. In Iowa another high school student sued his school district, school administrators and his football coach in federal court alleging that the officials at the school failed to protect him from bullies who caused him to have permanent physical, emotional, neurological and cognitive deficits.

Can I sue for bullying at School?

You can sue for bulling at school by suing everyone that is involved including the school district, any teacher who failed to act and the child that cause you harm. The school can be sued because they have the responsibility to supervise the students and to stop harmful behavior. You can sue for any injuries that resulted from being bullied.

Can I sue for bullying in the workplace?

Many people would think that bullying only occurs among children but workplace bullying also popular. A person can sue for bullying in the workplace where there is an abusive work environment. This may take different forms such harassment, discrimination and even retaliation by when a complaint is made. There is no law regarding workplace bulling but employees can sue for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Assault. Additionally discrimination laws under the Civil Rights Act and other laws that forbids harassment it enables an employee to sue where there is hostility in the workplace which can include being taunted because of sexual orientation or being treated in a different manner because of race. A person can make a complaint at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the investigation of issues regarding discrimination. If the Commission does not resolve the problem then permission will be given to sue the employer. If it is an employee is responsible you can sue the employee.

Can I Sue for Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the continuous use of the internet or any other form of communication technology to deliberately harm a person in a hostile manner. It is common among the younger generation and takes place normally on social networks. A person can sue for cyber bullying and many times it involves defamation.

Bullying is dangerous and it should be stopped. Legal action is common method to stopping any form of bullying because you can bring a claim against anyone directly or indirectly involved in the act. It occurs in schools, at the workplace and over the internet which can have devastating consequence on a person’s health and wellbeing.

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